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Worm Count for Dogs / Cats

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Canine worm counts are performed using the Vetscan Imagyst; designed to accurately and efficiently identify worm eggs and coccidia. The perfect alternative to non-targeted monthly worming. Using this new technology, we are able to share the results and images right with you, the owner, in a matter of minutes.

This state of the art diagnostic platform uses a combination of image recognition technology, algorithms and cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver accurate testing results and advise the best possible treatment plans.

Kits are provided to ensure a mess free collection and include gloves, sample pot and addressed envelope to return to us.

Here at DPS, we perform faecal egg counts on all pet and livestock species, from dogs and tortoises to alpacas and cows.

Worm counts are useful in preventing the over use of chemical wormers and also to check if your current worming regime is proving effective.

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