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Canine Progesterone Test

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Why Progesterone Test?

  • To pin point ovulation
  • Increase breeding success
  • Optimise litter size
  • Single journey to the stud dog
  • No wasted journeys to the stud dog with your bitch 'not being ready'
  • Essential for artificial insemination, where semen is being sent chilled or frozen.

We recommend to start testing at day 9 from the start of season, unless you have had problems mating previously, in which case place contact us to discuss.

Post or drop off your sample and results will be sent to your mobile or called through to you within 1 hour of sample reception. along with invaluable advice on what to do next ie what days to mate or to resample.

What to do:

Book an appointment with your vet for a 'blood sample for a progesterone test' to be sent to the lab by you.

Take your dog, blood tube and paperwork with you to the vet.

Pop the blood sample and paperwork in the return envelope, affix postage and send back to us.

Kit includes:

Blood sample tube, necessary paperwork and a return envelope.


Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA) for the determination of progesterone concentration in serum or plasma.


Canine: Ovulation timing, parturition and fertility investigations.

Equine: Ovulation timing, early pregnancy diagnosis, and fertility investigations.

Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Alpacas & Llamas: Pregnancy diagnosis and fertility investigations.

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