Progesterone Testing

Testing the levels of serum progesterone in a bitches blood indicates at what point she will ovulate. 

Determining the time of ovulation allows us to plan a mating that will optimise the chances of a successful matingpotentially increase litter size and allow for only one mating when long distance travel to the stud dog is required. It can also help to more accurately predict whelping dates.

Testing can also be useful in monitoring progesterone throughout pregnancy in the case of bitches who have previously failed to hold a pregnancy or to monitor levels at the end of pregnancy in order to schedule a cesarian section if required. 

Results are telephoned and/or text through within 1 hour of sample reception.

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We recommend to start testing progesterone levels around day 9 from onset of bleeding.


Obtain a 2mL blood sample from your dog in either a red-top (serum) or orange top (Lithium-Heparin) tube. 


DROP-OFF your sample at our premises based in Synod Inn or POST your sample to us (Royal Mail Next Day delivery)

Or Call/Text/WhatsApp